Sunny’s Side: Where did your interest in sports come from?

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Where did your interest in sports come from?

Over the course of my life, I have been asked that question countless times. In some form or another, the answer is always the same: my mom.

I’ve found myself thinking about that two different times lately. The first was when I was asked that very question on my friend’s local podcast last week. The other time was just today when I spoke with my mom on the phone.

She lives in Arizona and has nearly her entire life. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s a dry heat. But for her and most of my family, it’s home. It is where she raised four kids as a single parent with one common theme.


My mother is a HUGE sports fan. She loves sports: football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball – you name it, she probably loves it. Walk into her home and there is most likely a game on TV. Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, just to name two. Ever since the Cardinals moved to town, she has been a diehard season ticket holder.

The Arizona Cardinals were the topic of conversation during the call today. Both she and my oldest sister attended the game on Sunday like they do every home game. Only this time, they took the next-next generation.

Picture this: two nanas (one a grandmother, the other a great-grandmother) and two preteen boys at an NFL game. How many grandparents, let alone a great-grandparent, do you know that would that sort of thing? And not just any grandparent, mind you. A GREAT-Grandmother!!!

I’m sure she’d hate that I’m writing about her like this, but she, in her crazy Arizona sports fandom, is what steered me to a love of sports. She is part of my sports legacy.

And, part of my sports heritage.

As we are in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month, it left me wondering if there are any Hispanic women like me. My guess is there aren’t many. For better or worse, sports isn’t exactly the top vocation for girls/ladies in many Hispanic (Latin) cultures.

Yes, it’s cultural – handed down through the generations. But, as you can tell from my story, there are exceptions to every “rule”.

Who is part of your sports legacy or heritage? An abuelo, abuela, tío, tía , cousin, hermano, mom, dad – who inspired your sports fandom?

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