Sunny’s Side: Four Little Words

Four words are the bane of every sports fan’s existence. They generate a great amount of resignation and “hate” for our Sunny Cadwallader.


Wait ‘til next year.

Hate is such a strong word. But, if there is anything I “hate” as a sports fan are those four words. Better yet. I hate those two words – next year.

Yet, here I sit typing out the words I “hate”.

Wait ‘til next year.



With the Major League Baseball season heading into its final weekend, I am faced with those words. Again!

Excuse me while I cry into my pillow. In the fetal position.

The longest post-season drought in American professional sports has been extended another year. Yes, my Seattle Mariners have missed the playoffs for the 17th consecutive season.

Early on in 2018, the Mariners gave every indication this season was different. First place. A penchant for winning one-run games. (Arguably) the best closer in baseball in Edwin Diaz. And, they just had that something.

Until it all came crashing down on May 15th.


All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano was suspended for 80 games for testing positive for a banned substance. Despite the setback, the M’s played well enough to stay in first place.

But, as most Mariners fans know so well after the past 16 seasons, hope – especially in May – doesn’t get you to the post-season.

Oh sure, there were bright moments. They stayed in contention for a potential spot. They were fun to watch…at times. But, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. That moment where I knew the post-season was done.

To be honest, I can’t point to one singular game or moment that I knew my M’s were done. I just knew.

It wasn’t with Cano. It wasn’t when they had a players only, closed-door meeting. It wasn’t when the bullpen blew another game, or when a fight in the Safeco Field home clubhouse broke out late in the season — frustration having set in that it was not going to be their year — among players, and the media could hear it. It wasn’t after another questionable managerial move.

Another bad Felix Hernandez outing? Seen it before. It wasn’t even when former All-Stars or high level draft picks – who shall remain nameless – couldn’t get that clutch base hit.

As the summer went on and they stopped playing well while other teams like the A’s went on hot streaks, I just knew. Season #17 without a playoff game was a reality.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I still had hope. But, that’s part of fandom, right? Hope.

I mean, just look at the Colorado Rockies:

A week ago, the were fighting for their lives just for a wild card berth. They now could clinch a tie for the NL West title as early as tomorrow evening. Amazing what a seven-game winning streak will do.  ~Bob Nightengale, Twitter

Fighting for their lives to a title.


Wait ’til next year.

Yeah, I hate those four little words, so I’ll leave you with this:

True to the Blue!



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