Sunny’s Side: A hot August night at Chase Field

By Sunny Cadwallader/ Co-founder, Somos Sports



“You’ve never been in a (MLB) press box?”

And that was how our illustrious editor, Jose Romero, greeted me upon my arrival at Chase Field last Tuesday.


I’ve been in the media business for nearly 7 years now. I’ve covered many college football games, a Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony, Ironman Triathlon and the world’s largest 3-on-3 street tournament (Spokane Hoopfest). But, a Major League Baseball game? 


Fortuitous circumstances brought me here. I brought my youngest son to college for his freshman year. He is attending Grand Canyon University. No, he is not into basketball, but I am hoping he might consider becoming a Havoc.

If not, look for an e-sports story sometime in the next 4 years. 


But, I digress.

I’ve been to MLB games as a fan, but never as a media member. 

Look Ma, I made it to a Dbacks game.

The last game I attended as a fan was in 2018 – Edgar Martinez weekend at a Seattle Mariners game. It was right after he came up a few votes short of HOF election. Thankfully, this year, he made it, but back then, the Mariners had already planned a celebration for him. Seeing as how Edgar was my favorite Mariner of all time, my oldest son bought tickets for us to attend.

I don’t remember much about the game, but I do remember being there with my son. 


Today’s Diamondbacks sit at 65-66. Although they have an (extremely) outside shot at a Wild Card, they (most likely) aren’t playing postseason baseball. 

As I looked across the crowd, I saw moms and sons, fathers and daughters, grandkids and grandparents. Families enjoying baseball.


Whether it was the condiment races, Carlton Cam, Dbacks Legends racing, T-shirt tosses, emojifying or filter-fying fans, there was something for the entire family. 

One of the highlights for Diamondbacks fans has to be…


For all of my Mariners fandom – which started pre-1995, thank you very much – they have never played in the World Series, let alone won one. The Dbacks, who moved here after I left AZ in 1989, have one.

With no trophy for the M’s, I’ve never seen the World Series trophy in person before, so this was a special item to see, even for a non-Diamondbacks fan. 


Cy Young awards, Gold Gloves, Silver Slugger bats – it’s all there for fans to take in and enjoy. 

The joy of history. And, for fans that night, the joy of a Dbacks win. 

I don’t know if she knows the Dbacks won or not, but this young fan is going home happy.



Side Notes: 

* Who knew our editor, Jose, liked to sing Hall & Oates. 🙂 

* At first pitch, it was 108 degrees outside at 6:40 pm. Inside, it was a balmy 75 degrees. Are you freaking kidding me, Arizona? Dry heat was way too dry for this former AZ gal.

* In Nolan Arenado’s 1,000th game, he hit a home run. You’re welcome, Rockies fans, for bringing him luck tonight. 🙂 

* Did I mention Emojifying fans? Yes, yes I did.